leo wijnhoven


atelier; Egelantiersgracht 668,amsterdam

1980 History of Art Universityof Amsterdam

1994/1995 Ateliers Arnhem



is about social, economic, political and scientific developments in our post-modern world,

particularly globalism (i.e. uniformity but at the same time fragmentation, and resulting in identity problems), the free-

market ideology (mass consumption), the media and show business and about (the end of)

Western modernism (and its hierarchical relationship  to nature). I

am not so much concerned with personal (free) expression as with communication (changing

consciousness), which is why I use a broad range of styles (based on realism). My aim is to

look critically at Western modernism (the distinction between body and mind [= matter +

energy], i.e.rationalism, materialism, mechanism, dehumanising, reductionism,linear thought,

narrowmindedness, hierarchy, control and exploitation of nature [taking only, no balance

or harmony], the cult of self,expansion/growth [the idea of progress]. I am looking for new

assumptions and starting points where modernistic assumptions have failed. In other words,

I am referring back to pre-modernism [including primitive cultures] to find out how we can

start again. For the past century we have factually already been living in a non-modernistic

world. All products requiring electricity (including computers and the internet but also the A-

bomb, laser, holographics,nanotechnology and so on) are based on quantum mechanics, which

states that there is NO separation between matter and energy. Modernistic duality [and thus

the other modernistic assumptions] has been proven wrong for the past century! However, we

are still living with a modernistic mentality or mindset, which is the root cause of many of

our current problems (particularly the climate change and the financial-economic system, i.e.

political and social issues).




Control + exploitation of nature.

rationality---------------------------------------------] analytically,.
-- materialism, mechanism, dehumanisation------] causal,.
reductionism-----------------------------------------] and linear thinking.

egocultus-------------------------] submission.
-- individualism, hedonism,----]        +.
 -- short-term thinking----------] categorization.
   colonialism, globalism-------].

idea of progress.
   growth, property.


-GRAYDON holdig bv, Asd
-Studio Starreveld bv.,Asd
-SERVAAS Int.fi$hhandel & Zn,hoorn
-IMCA-vastgoed,Asd(eric de vlieger)
-Kennemerlandbeheer,haarlem (eric de vlieger)
-Galerie-XY, Asd
-PLUG--bv. ,Asd
-AMTROP int.



1989 Holland-America-Foundation,New-York,(grant show gallery individuals)
1992 Soho-international-art competítion,New York
I993 't voorzieningsfonds,Asd,(grant show gallery agora,New York)
1994 fonds van beeldende kunst(Asd),studiebeurs (workshop J G. Dokoupil)
1995 FondsBKVB,basisstipendium
1998 FondsBKVB,werkbeurs
1999 magnum-filekunstprijs,(unilever)
2001 ster + cultuurprijs,(gasunie)

1989 Gallery Individuals New York, USA
1992 Salon des Independents Grand Palais, Paris, France
1993 Beurs van Berlage.Amsterdam
     L Espace Jemmapes.Paris, France
     Polyvalent UGC.Lille, France
     Center for Dutch Art & Design San Francisco, USA
     Wilshire Courtyard gallery (CDAD) Los Angeles, USA
1994 Expohenk, Rotterdam.
     Gallery Aschenbach, Amsterdam.
     Gallery De Verdieping, Amsterdam
     Gallery Agora, New York, USA
     Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
     Gallery Art Kitchen, Amsterdam
1995 Kunstrai, Art Kitchen, Amsterdam
     Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (2x)
     Gallery Art Kitchen Amsterdam
     W 139, Amsterdam
     Galerie Multiple-XX,Rotterdam  
     CBK,”Nieuwe aankoop”, Utrecht
1996 Ateliers-Arnhem,”students 94-95”,Arnhem
     Consortium,”de opstelling”,Asd
     ’t Consortium,”there it was”,Asd
1997 KunstRai-Art Kitchen,Asd
     Living-Art,”100 jonge schilders op ameland”,Ameland
1998 Galerie Art-kitchen,”hangdynastie en bokseropstand”,Asd
1999 Galerie Rolls,Laren
     Arti & Amicitiae,"hollands landschap",Asd
2000 Sjarjah-museum,"postcard-project",Sjarjah,(Verenigde Arabische Emiraten)
2001't Consortium,"tracing my white horse",Asd
2002 de Grootte Industriele club,"1001 reasons to love the earth",st,"2000-foundation",Asd
2003 Universiteitsmuseum"de Agnietenkapel",Bewegend lichaam",Asd (U.V.A.)
2004 Galerie Artvision,Overpelt,Belgie
     Gallery mundo-art ,laren
2005 gallery van lubeck,heiloo
     Gallery rolls,laren
2006 Galerie Artvision,Overpelt,Belgie
     Gallery rolls,laren
2007 CBK-asd-oost/watergraafsmeer,”nieuwe aanwinsten”
     Galerie brummelkamp,asd
     de Golfhorst,"swing",America (L)
2008 galerie walls,”naturellement”,asd
     Arti &Amicitiae,"finimal,kunst als pijnstiller",asd
     de Golfhorst,"swing",America (L)
2009 arrondissementsrechtbank,maastricht
     Eurobusinesscenter-Asd,”inner reflections”
     De beejekurf,venray
     enter-art,"ïnner reflections",asd
2010 galerie galhant,leens
     galerie alafran, diepenheim
     kunstmoment diepenheim
     grote kerk breda,"roodharigendag"

2011 "zomerexpo-2011", gemeentemuseum denhaag
     galerie galhant,"werk in stock"
     duingalerie,domburg,"in t licht v walcheren"

2012 tetem-kunstruimte,enschede,"the far future is nature"
     kunstcentrum zaandam, "bloot"
     galerie sille, oudewater, "met open ogen"
     the labstore,antwerpen.
2013 gemeentemuseum den haag,"aarde"

         galerie sille,oudewater.
         galerie alafran,diepenheim.
2014 galerie alafran,diepenheim.
2015 musea da cidade de aveiro,portugal."surrealism now"
     galeria da antiga capitanio do porto de aveiro,portugal
     ishen gallery,auckland,new sealand,"100 days of dutch art".
     museum thijnhof,coevorden.
     heerlijkheid noord,asd.
2016 multimedia poros museum,condeixa ,portugal.
    gallery particula,coimbra,portugal,"surrealism now"

2017 galerie sille,oudewater.'luchtig".
     poros museum,condeixa,portugal."int.surrealism now"
2018 poros museum,condeixa,portugal."int.surrealism now"
     chiado museum,coimbra,portugal
     culture house of coimbra,coimbra,portugal.
     venrays museum,venray